US Diary 12: Some Sunny Days in April

Apr.21.13 Apr.21.13
Week 12. Still impressed by the road trip from the week before, we were restless for another drive. So, off to Delaware Water Gap we went, on a Sunday morning. I do miss hiking.

Rain and winds stripped away all the blossoms on the trees in the backyard. The backyard was unbelievably pretty, while the blossoms lasted. (Not long enough, in my opinion.)

Week 12 saw a couple of beautiful sunny days. After completing my second dress, I set off on my new goal of re-creating the jewelry from my Etsy shop. I 'demolished' just about every piece; I was extremely happy doing that. Taking them apart was like smashing glass -- things are not going to be the same as before. (I can't wait to show you!)

With my new-found crafting motivation seeing me spend hours at the desk, I was kindly accompanied by my silent companion. He was happy to share the room with me. Fluffy is the best: no jumping, no crying for attention -- just sitting by my side, saying the few approving 'weow's as I scratch his fluffy head, and purring himself to sleep.

Week 12 also saw The Hubs turning a year wiser. We celebrated with our first backyard barbecue, which was quite impressive for us amateurs.

Note: Our year in the US began on a Friday. 12 Fridays have since passed, oh my.