A Bread A Month: April 2013: Basic White Bread

I used to revere those that can bake basic white breads, and I've avoided trying a white loaf for years, because I feel I'm just not good enough... This April, I've decided to begin with the basics from the Baking With Julia book. Surely these experts know what they're talking about.

The recipe made 2 loaves. In this kitchen, I am provided with a metal tin, as well as a clay one. Time for a little experiment -- does the baking container matter?

We got photo-bombed by Felis Interruptus, otherwise known as Pickle.

Left: baked in metal. Right: baked in clay. I was just as surprised as you are with the outcome.

Froze the paler one and finished the other in a couple of days. Are we ready for the next bread lesson?