US Diary 9: A Week of Big City and Small Town Meets

That was quite an interesting week, last week. It involved two meet-ups: a big city one and a small-town one.

Apr.02.13 Alice's Tea Cup Chapter 3 #alicesteacup #aliceinwonderland
In the Big City meet, I met up with two new - and absolutely fun - friends from Brisbane who were visiting. We had tea, sandwiches, and sweets Alice in Wonderland style, at Alice's Tea Cup. Thanks for hosting us, New York City. I rode the train home thinking about the fun conversations, making the hour's journey short. Or was I mostly thinking about the chocolatey-chocolate cupcake I shouldn't have had, but did so anyway? It had me at the star sprinkles.

New Friend was making her way to NYC for a holiday over Easter, and she sent me a shout-out. I wouldn't have missed this for the world.

Apr.05.13 We made a new friend today.
My small-town meet took place at small world coffee in our little P-town. This coffee place seems to be the default place for many here, and I'm always there for their Tough Chai. "Kittybutt" and I sat out in the sun and we gushed over our cats, spent two seconds talking about our Etsy stores, then went back to talking about cats. I am happy to have found a new friend in this little town. There aren't many Etsy sellers - who also are crazy cat mothers - in this small town, but I'd take quality over quantity, any day.

I like meeting other Etsy sellers and artists. In my search, Kittybutt had me at the funny cats and unusual name. Thank goodness she wasn't weirded-out by my message.