Our day in Kyoto! The JR train conveniently connects Osaka to Kyoto and we started our day in Kyoto with a visit to Sanjusangen-do in the morning. The next touristy spot we aimed for was the ‘shrine with shopping street’, the names I have forgotten. With the streets packed we decided to skip the shrine or temple and got swayed by all the food and snacks available in this street of Kyoto instead. It was just as well a pleasant day for an overfilled cold matcha custard puff.
Well stuffed with all the sweet snacks by the afternoon, we made our way to a tea ceremony lesson. Tourists will be tourists — the dressing up added authenticity to this cultural experience. Most memorable for me was the lady assisting me in the kimono asking, “Did you have a big breakfast?” as she tried to corset me in :/
24.Apr.16With the tea ceremony over it was an unhurried wander to Nishiki market and downtown Kyoto. Our search for an appealing dinner spot proved to be unfruitful due to the odd hour, so we ambled back to the rail and back to the familiar foodie streets of Namba, Osaka.


Staying above Takashimaya meant a widespread offering of decadent desserts just an elevator ride away!


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