With an early start on Wednesday, we lugged an overnight pack to join a local coach tour out of Osaka. (Trying to figure out the undisclosed bus meeting point was not without drama.)

Unclear of how much time had elapsed in the moving vehicle aided by the multiple stops at pleasant Service Areas (rest stops along the highway) and the many snacking and souvenir opportunities each provided, the journey to the unknown was totally enjoyable. No busting bladder! Seats were all assigned, too. How civilised! Cup of complimentary green tea while you stretch your legs? Yes please.

The tour included a lunch box which we pre-ordered. Just delightful. In a few hours we were clearly out of the city and in a hilly region. First destination of our coach tour was Takayama, a town dubbed Little Kyoto. We were left to wander the little town for an hour or so. Lovely to have a brief visit to see and smell something out of the city.


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