20.Dec.15 All the kisslock purses
07.Oct.15 Vintage Floral purses
Puggle Pods
1. New to the J.T. range are metal frame purses, ranging from large ones to itty-bitty ‘Puggle Pods’ (a collaborative endeavor with friend Sue). Although painstaking, I had fun stitching these frames up. We all like a bit of shiny… I also like to stray from the norm of plain purses by going over the top!

07.Oct.15 Boho flip tops
2. Medium-sized flip top fold-over handbags. Perhaps Rene (purveyor of The Sunshine Van) was the visionary when she wanted to stock only medium-sized bags in her shop for easy administration. When sold, the feedback I received was this was the perfect grab-and-go size, adding some colour to the day, and also a smallish bag for days when you’re not lugging the large Mary Poppins “mummy bag”. I use this size myself, too, because I’m all about keeping my hands free.

11.Feb.15 Fabric Postcards
3. Also new this year are postcards. I can’t remember what instigated this, but most likely having too many pretty fabric scraps lying around and trying to extend their lives on perfectly fine cornflakes boxes? Oh, I believe it was a postcard swap with Diane in Philippines that sparked things off. It’s a shame letters and postcards don’t get flown around much these days?



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