As a Thank You dinner, John treated us to five course degustation at Mestizo Cocina Peruana, a Peruvian restaurant in a quiet street in Glenelg South.

Our evening of Peruvian taste was an appetiser of fresh fish, sashimi-inspired.

Degustation proper began with probably the most delicious king prawn we’ve ever tasted. I could have licked the dish of every little bit of smokey prawny-rich sauce left behind.

Second in line was beef heart on skewer. I had a vegetarian mashed potato and fresh cheese substitute.

Third course was a very pretty-looking octopus on herbed mashed potatoes. (Same potato balls I had with cheese, above.)

Number four was a serving of seared tuna on a bed of quinoa, together with two plates of 400gm spatchcock.

A sweet ending was the fifth course of dessert — cake and camu camu sorbet — plated on a cold slab.

That was a memorable experience and I promise you we were full to the brim with all that yumminess by the end of the night!


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