A steep learning curve to what was a great experience I had on Wednesday evening this week. It was ‘Yelp’s Taste of Stirling Laneways‘ event for Yelp Elite reviewers, showcasing a select few Laneways site-holders, to give an idea of what to expect at the market.

Naturally, I am very flattered to be one of five select showcases, despite being a bag of nerves. (Pun intended.)

I shared about my philosophy in upcycling and rambled on about Pickle. There was wine and delicious food drifting around me throughout the evening — I hope the Yelp Elite members had a wonderful time, and to see them again at Stirling Laneways!

Here is what the reviewers have to say: http://www.yelp.com.au/biz/elite-event-yelps-taste-of-stirling-laneways-stirling

Below are photos from the evening, courtesy of Yelp Adelaide.


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