11.Jun.15 (6)

Very soon after our return from Alice Springs, we had Nigel and his apprentice over to attend to some things around the house. Our concerns were: ceiling insulation, rotting steps, and blocked gutters.

The steps at the back deck were rotting at the sides due to age, not white ants, thankfully. We replaced them with hardwood, hoping to last longer.

11.Jun.15 (1)
11.Jun.15 (2)
11.Jun.15 (5)

While Millie the dog was free to roam while Nigel was working, I had to keep Pickle locked up in her “apartment” downstairs. Put the fire on and the cat is there, like magic.


However, you can’t trick this smart cat for long. The persistent ‘let me out’ cries and scratching were what I had to put up with in addition to the noise coming from the work around the house…

11.Jun.15 (9)

The bedrooms required this much-needed insulation in the ceiling.

11.Jun.15 (3)

While the insulation was being fitted, I stepped out of my room in good time and witnessed this big loud crack overhead. Oh boy, more work… But they patched it up at the end of the day.

11.Jun.15 (7)

Nigel and Adam also went under the house and dug out the most random junk lying around.

12.Jun.15 (1)

Most curious is this glass vase, which I have to keep…

12.Jun.15 (2)

This all took 2.5 days, leaving The Hubs and I to take care of smaller details — sanding and painting — which are doable tasks!


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