While the group made the most of their day examining rocks, Hubs and I made it a day for ourselves too by wandering off to other spots at Trephina Gorge.

Walking along Trephina Gorge is like walking on a sandy beach. Granted, it used to be a river bed.


And growing quite prolifically along the sands are these melon-like fruits. They may look very appetising, but I was promised they were not. I dropped the melon like a hot potato, disappointed.

Off we hopped into our vehicle and drove to follow a sign for ‘Ghost Gum’. A ghost gum is evidently as white as a tree can be.


Back at the campsite, the evening comprised of us mincing around (mincing, I like this word since I heard it) and looking forward to dinner prepared by the designated group of students. They rotated groups. It was chicken penne that night.

I enjoyed nosing in their field course textbook and keeping tabs of what the next day would bring. This would be our second and last night at Ross River. Time to pack up!

30. and 31.May.15


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