Pickled Pockets Tote and Drawstring Bags

Have I been enjoying my summer break away from markets? You bet. My last market appearance was in December, last year. Since then, I have been enjoying my weekends; it is great to be normal once again.

The past months had me tinkering away behind the scenes, though:

* I started a new Etsy shop, Pickled Pockets, for dresses and Pickle’d items,

* worked on new collections of Juanita Tortilla purses and clutches, postcards, and

* essentially worked my fingers off, creating products for stockists as well.

Even though I have not been personally standing in markets, I have entrusted some of my work to friends. Preparing the presentation for someone else entails just as much work, if not more, as I would prepare for my own market stall presentation… Consigning has worked out for both parties and I enjoyed the feedback. It is different trying to sell you own work instead of others’.

Four months away from the market scene seems like a long time. With the cooler weather ahead of us, and a varied range of items, I think I may be ready for my first market of 2015! Stay up-to-date on my market dates on facebook or this page: https://juanitatortilla.com/markets/


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