08.Feb.15 Button Addiction
This is my current button collection.

The year-end spring-clean in December saw me giving away my box of buttons that I gathered in the few years while living in Switzerland, believing that I would have had no use for them, but keeping these select few, just in case:
08.Feb.15 Button Addiction

However, having done that, it left a gaping hole in my crafty heart, purely out of sentimental reason if anything. So I went on an online button-buying binge in January.

Did my heart finally sing when I spent hours washing and sorting out 2 boxes worth of buttons!
08.Feb.15 Button Addiction

Then one Saturday, while visiting market friends in Flinders Street Market, this heavy box of vintage buttons jumped right at me at the local bric-a-brac guy. He hit me with a price to which I reluctantly agreed to. Buttons are expensive little things, let alone vintage ones. Hey, the Tupperware’s great, too.
08.Feb.15 Button Addiction

That’s it — I have fed my addiction and have more than enough buttons that I will ever need.


4 thoughts on “How I Became A Button Addict

  1. I too have a button collection. Last year my mother-in-law fed this addiction by giving me HER mothers button tin – amazing!

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