30.Dec.14 Joey's almost as big as mom now.

We ended the year of 2014 with new friends, and I don’t just mean the animal variety. Joey’s looking like a big teenage kangaroo now — they came by to greet us and our human visitors.

01.Jan.15 Spending the new year with new friends.

The Birds, Emeritus Prof and family from Canada, had been touring the Great Ocean Road in Victoria before stopping by Adelaide for 2 nights with us to spend their New Year’s. They were en route to Western Australia. While we had no plans for New Year’s Eve, the Birds made theirs memorable with a cricket game in Adelaide Oval. They also saw the fireworks in the city, which I’ve been told was impressive.

Our last guests for 2014 as well as first guests for 2015.

Just as we thought it was going to be a quiet evening, just the two of us, on the last day of 2014, we got called over to our neighbour’s for dinner. Spontaneity is fun. It was a lovely evening with friends and we crawled back home by 11pm to sleep off the heavy dinner and bubbly.


That was our simple celebration and we are happy with that. No fireworks over at our end, which I am thankful for, because animals do get frightened. But we do have lots of purple and white floral fireworks on display by the Agapanthus. Aren’t they pretty to look at?


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