Last week we had a full house, sharing the space with our collective parents. That was quite an event since it is their first time to Adelaide (though not Australia), and to a house that we actually own.

Not much sightseeing was done in little Adelaide, though, but there was the obligatory short visit to Rundle Mall for Aussie souvenir, and Mount Lofty’s summit that is a few minutes away from home… But their favourite thing to do was shop at Central Market and Chinatown! We had to go there twice. And the kangaroos were on their best behaviour…

And the next favourite thing to do was stay home, work on our garden and enjoy my mother’s cooking every day, ingredients happily procured from the Central Market. Come to think of it, I’m really happy that the Central Market is right next to the little Chinatown.


One thought on “Special Visit by Collective Parents, 16-23 Nov 2014

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