The resident koala of this neighbourhood manifested himself in our backyard on Tuesday. Bellowing to his heart’s content to what felt like right by our bedroom window, he woke me up at 2:30am with his macho announcement.

I searched for him in daylight as I was certain he is a big guy and easy to spot. Gum trees are tall and what I still find impressive is how agile and mobile this guy is. He switched trees throughout the day.

We casually decided that a male koala as self-assured as himself deserved a Spanish name. How does Alejandro sound?

“Alejandro” is that noticeable blob in this picture without zoom:



By sunset “Alejandro” has moved on. He will be back, because koalas have “home trees” that they frequent.


2 thoughts on “The Resident Bull Koala

  1. We had a resident fox in the garden of a flat I lived in. He used to lie in the sun in the garden. We named him Colin Gonzales.

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