30.Jul.14 Cushion Covers

Desperate to get some craft mojo back yesterday, I decided to make cushion covers. Ellie and Sarah would recognise these fabrics! I so love Molas — each one so unique and hand-stitched.

These covers are 18×18″ to fit 20×20″ cushions, with no closures. Something quick and easy to get back in touch with my sewing machine.

30.Jul.14 Cushion Covers

These 2 Molas were souvenir from my short visit to Costa Rica last year. Shopping for it was interesting: I booked myself into a half-day city tour which included a brief stop at shops. I knew immediately that I wanted more molas because I was gifted a really nice Panamanian one from a friend.

The problem was, all molas presented at the shops were frilly cushion covers, purses, bags, T-shirts, etc. What I wanted was a “raw, unadulterated” mola. So I asked a shop assistant who spoke some English. It was his first day there and referred me to a lady at the back of the store.

After some gesturing with “No *points at frills*”… “Only *runs palm over mola applique*”, there was an ‘Ahh’ moment from the shop lady. “Solo *runs palm over mola applique*”.

Yes! “Solo diese,” I was suddenly inspired to speak Spanish-Deutsch in gratitude.

She went into the back room and dug out a small pile of raw unadulterated molas, to my delight. Each one so colourful, so different! Gah, decisions. Tour mates were done with their shopping and started boarding the van at that point, so I had to pick in haste just 2 pieces.




Alas, 1 year later, I finally took these molas out and turned them into cushion covers. At least they are not frilly?

Loving the pop of colour they add to the space.



3 thoughts on “Costa Rican Molas and Cat Cushion Covers

  1. I love these! So unique – I never would have thought of the pairing, but the two patterns look so cool juxtaposed with one another. Textiles always make the best souvenirs (: Where were you shopping (San Jose??) that you found textiles? I didn’t see much when we went – just lots of tote bags and swimsuit covers.

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