Cream Tea, Coffee and Lemon Cake with the Neighbours

26.Jul.14 Making lemon syrup
26.Jul.14 Burnt Lemon Loaf

Yesterday was quite the opportune time to have our first coffee session with neighbours — it was our one-month anniversary in this house.

I made and sent out the invites about 2 weeks ago, not knowing what I should be serving with coffee / tea. The image of a scone and jam helped. Three invites were dropped into mailboxes of homes to our right. Two households showed up at 15:00 and we were presented with a Bromeliad and chocolates!

In the morning, I decided on a whim to make a lemon loaf. Lemons from our lemon tree, of course. The lemon loaf was sugary and moist. Despite its appearance, it was a mighty good tea cake! (Got to trust the ‘Baking With Julia’ book.) There will be a repeat of this recipe.

Such nice neighbours. Even nicer is knowing that we share a bull koala and 8 cats between our households. Their names are Jules, Heather, Janine and Louis. (As for cats, there is Sam, Ginger, Gracie, Lesty, Pun or Poon, Tiger or Tigress, and one more I don’t recall.)

In my search for scone recipes, I learnt that there is a cream tea etiquette, and one should never ever have a scone like a cream sandwich. I like mine Devon-style, what about you?



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