26.Jul.14 Making lemon syrup
26.Jul.14 Burnt Lemon Loaf

Yesterday was quite the opportune time to have our first coffee session with neighbours — it was our one-month anniversary in this house.

I made and sent out the invites about 2 weeks ago, not knowing what I should be serving with coffee / tea. The image of a scone and jam helped. Three invites were dropped into mailboxes of homes to our right. Two households showed up at 15:00 and we were presented with a Bromeliad and chocolates!

In the morning, I decided on a whim to make a lemon loaf. Lemons from our lemon tree, of course. The lemon loaf was sugary and moist. Despite its appearance, it was a mighty good tea cake! (Got to trust the ‘Baking With Julia’ book.) There will be a repeat of this recipe.

Such nice neighbours. Even nicer is knowing that we share a bull koala and 8 cats between our households. Their names are Jules, Heather, Janine and Louis. (As for cats, there is Sam, Ginger, Gracie, Lesty, Pun or Poon, Tiger or Tigress, and one more I don’t recall.)

In my search for scone recipes, I learnt that there is a cream tea etiquette, and one should never ever have a scone like a cream sandwich. I like mine Devon-style, what about you?



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