The real estate agent is proud about that.

The first thing we did as home owners was paint. This was to be done before having the furnishing and Pickle in the way. (We are leaving the carpets as they are for now.)

Funny how my first blind pick in the paint shop was a neutral colour named Soft Siamese, to which I had to let out a laugh. (Soft Siamese! That’s Pickle colour!) Cat lady instincts. After some thought, I decided to select the paint colour a tone lighter than Soft Siamese. Stowe White it is.


We experimented with my work room, then tried out the green and small study room for size. Things moved along fairly quickly.


Our main tasks were: the dark blue wall of the master bedroom and avocado green feature wall of the family room.



We had the dark walls painted with 3 to 4 coats, and it was a good thing to have had them done before moving the furniture in. And Pickle.

There is still a lot of green in the house to cover, but we are happy to take our time with that.



2 thoughts on “[Home] Pre-Move-In Painting

  1. looks lovely! the cat-themed paint color is too good to be a coincidence. imagine the fortune paint companies could make if they did a whole line of cat themed wall colors.

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