You must know by now how I enjoy the hunt of finding that *perfect* piece of fabric to turn into a bag, or bags. Since the setting up of my sewing room, I would tuck myself away from the world and just sew. This creating process can be detrimental — I would torture myself by not stepping out of the house for 3 days. It is easy to lose track of time.

Sewing these lush and awkward vintage textiles is by no means a breeze for me, too. On average, I would break 3 needles per bag. The record number is 5. Hours will be spent fiddling with tension dials and undoing jammed up seams of chewed up threads… It is a painfully frustrating and trying process of time wasted in correcting and testing, rather than creating. Often I think my sewing machine’s temperament does not get along with mine!

Each bag I make is special to me, so each one has a name when they are born. Here are some of them:

Liana Moss (1)
Liana, she is a gorgeous plush velveteen bag that just wants your attention.
Liana Moss (2)

DSC_0023 (2)
Smitha, who always has a pleasant surprise for you, is named after my friend who donated me this beautiful and precious remnant from her mother’s collection.
Smitha (3)

DSC_0020 (2)
* Hilda. She may be a little obsessed with teal.
Hilda Teal (4)

* The rock and roll bag named Maria.
Maria (3) 

With such gorgeous pieces of remnant textile as precious as prime and historical real estate, I leave nothing to waste. And planning takes time, too, because as you know, one can never uncut fabric.


Olivia, the subscriber of modern vintage.

Olivia (5)

Lest we forget this is a one woman operation — I need to see to the necessary and not-so-creative steps, too.



Garrrh!!! There will never be enough cusses… Just when you want things to work.

I suppose it is time to take a break from sewing to focus on the display and marketing?


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