I busted into my fabric stash the second day after unpacking the boxes because I wanted to make a dress for the Young Achiever Awards dinner we were invited to with the dress-code ‘after five’. An older dress that I wanted to wear is too (too) tight and going out to buy a dress wouldn’t be fun… Getting a second opinion about my ever expanding girth, I made this dress based on the waist measurement — it is a size 14. Turns out, though, it is a little too large and I can barely move my arms without having a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ moment, as demonstrated by the mannequin.

Why did we overestimate my rib cage? Why do I always have this problem with Butterick?

And I know what you’re thinking: That looks like wallpaper.

Sigh. Another day will be needed to undo this lined dress and downsize it. But no hurry, I don’t have another gala to attend. Also, I don’t have the presser foot for an invisible zipper.




– Butterick B5490

– Size 14

– Material: 4-metre thick cotton bought in Singapore



4 thoughts on “The Wallpaper Awards Dress That Didn’t Make It – Butterick 5490

  1. boo for fitting issues! but i LOVE the bodice detailing on this dress – you pick pieces with very interesting construction. and you also very accurately represented how cats deal with sewing projects in their environment. :P

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