Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition 2014

The exhibit at the Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition 2014 showcased many creative pieces of art, and these are some of the works that I managed to snap with my phone as a way of “favouriting”.

Each one was fun, quirky, looked impressively painstaking to achieve, that’s-so-creepy-and-strange clever, and even salted.

by Jessica Hansen
by Jess Taylor
by Cheryl Hutchens
by Cheryl Hutchens
by Paul Perry
by Emily Clinton
by Emily Clinton
As we could cast our votes for the best piece, I decided after a long while, to go with Jess Taylor’s work — Stabbing, Shooting, Hanging, and Sacrifice from the collection Based on a True Story that composed of plastic, timber and mahogany veneer — with the reason that it was the work that evoked in me the sadness of reality of violence and death.

by Jess Taylor
On another day, though, I would be naming Cheryl Hutchens’ densely beaded Alimentary Canal my favourite, or the fun food pieces when I’m hungry.

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