This is the story behind the Wasted Fashion – Juanita Tortilla Christmas swap — an idea that sprung out of nothing, like most good things.

Facebook, love it or hate it, brought Chloe and I together a number of years ago. She was a Primary school friend of mine back in Singapore, and I had to have her on my friends list soon after I signed up. Remembering her first message to me: “You look so different now Juanita!”

Then in November 2010 (‘was living in Switzerland), Chloe sent me a care package from Singapore. A care package to see through my birthday, Christmas and New Year holidays! There was so much thought put into that care package; delicious Singapore food packets, out-of-print dressmaking patterns, cosmetics and a travel pouch.

Because a kind deed should never go unrewarded, I tried to reciprocate by gathering some kitsch and fun items for Chloe. (Kitsch and fun, like her blog!) In retrospect, I don’t think I did a good job… Including a couple of Swiss sweets, there were 12 frivolous items in total.

Chloe worked long hours; I thought having a little daily gift could give her some cheer. (My visiting in-laws were returning to Singapore by the time I put the package together, so the parcel travelled back with them and made its way to Chloe’s house in speed. Phew, I worried about those chocolates.)

Coinciding with the ’round-the-corner festivity, the “12 Days of Christmas gifts” was born as Chloe unwrapped a gift a day and shared it on her blog.

In 2012, Chloe and I shared this swap fun by hosting our first 12 Days of Christmas Swop on our blogs.

Dear friends, a swap designed to be fun and without the religious inclination, does the word Christmas deter you from joining? Also, how would you describe the overall swap and gift exchange experience? I’d like to hear your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “12 Days of Xmas Swop: History and Your Thoughts

  1. Christmas to me is no longer exclusively religious and although I am an atheist I still enjoy celebrating. I have enjoyed the swap so much but I have found the fact that my parcel STILL hasn’t arrived with Chloe yet really stressful. I feel like I’ve failed.

    1. It’s not your fault at all, Abbi. To be honest, I believe something is gravely wrong with the postal service… I sent Chloe a Registered mail — domestic mail, even — and it got misplaced. They found it eventually, after A MONTH. I think twice now, about sending anything to Chloe, sad to say!!!
      Take heart in knowing that I know the stress you’re going through.

      P.S. I am an effing atheist too.

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