JuanitaTortilla reporting locations

Our sabbatical year in America is closing in on us, and a new adventure awaits. You might have picked it up a couple of weeks ago when we said goodbye to Fluffy.

We are heading south: South Australia. The very small and quiet Adelaide, to be specific.

It will be a big and frightening move for our British Pickle… But she is a rather adventurous 10-year-old kitten.


5 thoughts on “New Chapter in 2014 – Australia

      1. I spent two weeks in Australia and it was really lovely. I haven’t been to Adelaide but I heard that it’s beautiful and very chilled out.

      2. Where in Australia did you visit? :)

        We’ve visited Adelaide twice, for the purpose of this new-job-location (to look for areas to live in, see the city, played tourist for a little bit, etc), and I must admit: It is a tiny city with a small town feeling. Oh well. More time to focus on my crafting, I guess.

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