Wednesday, October 23rd 2013, AM. We converged at the hotel restaurant early at 07:15 for tea. At 08:00, we set out on a canoe ride down the river. The boatman would pause and quietly point to me, with the bamboo pole, a crocodile or bird. I lost count of crocodiles after 5, all sunbathing a stone’s throw away.

This downstream canoe ride took us to the Chitwan Elephant Breeding Center, where we were greeted by a friendly cat and playful baby elephants.

After playing with the baby elephant, we made our way back to the hotel by road, having a late breakfast. As each trainee’s laptops needed map downloads on their Mission Planner software, and because the internet Wi-Fi had been too slow to enable this, the group had spent the early afternoon in the park’s office to get this sorted.

PM. Fully-loaded laptops and lunch sorted, a long-distance flight mission was planned for the Vanguard. It was a launch practice training — of the Vanguard, for everyone — out on the grass field later at 14:30.

Launching the Vanguard involved a bungee cord. It was a lot faster than the Caipy, being gone in the blink of the eye, before my camera could focus for an action shot. Everyone had a try. It was pack up time by 17:00.

The evening saw a little change as we walked to dinner at a restaurant in the village (KC’s Restaurant) with all the trainees.

Tomorrow, more independent flights of both the Caipy and Vanguard.


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