I am a big fat scared-y cat when it comes to artichoke. Never tried preparing a fresh heart. So, when I recently reminisced about the deep-fried artichokes we had in Rome, I bought a can of artichokes. Not quite the same? You’re right.

Honestly, the saltiness of the canned artichokes makes these quartered hearts more suitable for a pizza or quiche. Not so much with pasta, but that is just my opinion.

What advice do you have on preparing the tough and leafy artichokes? I get the impression that it is tedious work for a tiny piece of vegetable heart…



3 thoughts on “Vegetable Query: Artichoke

  1. Hi there! There’s two ways I like to prepare the artichokes (fresh ones). Steaming using a steamer basket is a great way to tenderize this veggie. You cal also roast them. Half the fun is to peal and eat away the tender part of the leaves with loads of garlic butter. Once you get to the heart you can use that in just about anything. They’re ok out of the can but best when they’re fresh. Good luck!!!

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