Philadelphia Aug.03.13
DSLR Workshop by Okello Dunkley, Aug.03.13
House-guests, batch 4

‘Week 27 in the US’ had begun with the sending off of House-guests batch 3 on Friday. That timed perfectly with my next-day visit to Philadelphia for a photography workshop. Finally, aperture and ISO make sense. And speaking of Philly, I love Philly. It’s a major city without the craziness of a crazy-town like Manhattan. But I like them both for their own flavour. The commute between Philly and central New Jersey was easy-peasy, too.

 Remind me to pay Philly a visit again soon, for the museums.

 Sunday offered us a break, used mostly for housekeeping in preparation for House-guests Batch 4. They arrived on Monday, by bus from Boston and New York. Glad they made all the connections. We took them out the next day to the New Jersey State Fair, after a heavy pancake brunch. It would have been our first visit to a state fair.

 As if this could become a tradition: house-guests were brought to the famous pancake joint (PJ’s Pancakes); had moist cupcakes from the famous House of Cupcakes; and, each one kindly made us dinner during their stay.

 I think I’d like the dinner part to be our house-guest tradition. What say you?


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