Jersey wines
Cooking with S and J
West side NY
Pancakes, cupcakes, and sushi in P-town


‘Week 25 in the US’ was spent in Belize, also sharing the home space upon our return to the US with fellow traveller Simon, who officially became House-guest No.1.

FYI: I nickname our home ‘Fluffyhaus BnB’ for obvious reasons.

‘Week 26 in the US’ saw us House-guests Nos. 2 and 3. The house was overrun by girls. Like a real cooking club, my guests took turns to decide what to make for dinner, the rest of us assisting in preparations. Life’s updates and gossips were included. Janice made us creamy salmon spaghetti on the first night; Sou made us Mediterranean (Syrian) on the second. There was a bus ride to New York on the third day, enjoying the city before sending Sou off. We conclude that the train is more comfortable. I also finally got to try Korean bibimbap, in my dinner out at NY’s Korea Town with Janice.

That week ended with another overlapping batch of house-guests, a family of four. It certainly was a busy week of entertaining and obscene amounts of food and sweets. I was definitely thankful for the extra beds and rooms, and cooperative Summer weather to allow me to dry the bed-sheets!



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