Week 23 in the US, July 05-11 2013, began with a visit to Terhune Orchards in the scorching midday heat with our friends. The Hubs and I swapped picking our own berries for a shady spot under a tree, listening to the live music with ice-cream. To be honest, the ice-creams turned to liquid just by looking at it; there wasn’t much time to enjoy licking your ice-creams in that crazy heat.

At Terhunes, I did return home with a pound of blueberries, which I froze, and a delicious Very Berry pie. Pie was for dinner, along with pints of Ben & Jerry ice-creams. (Do I need to keep harping on the heat?)

The rest of Week 23 went by with a ‘meh’. There was much time spent on the computer working on my domain (www.juanitatortilla.com) and a new Wix shop.


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