Behold the freaky strange-looking bitter gourd! While at the Asian grocery store, I swapped the “normal” Chinese bitter gourd with this one labelled ‘Indian Bitter Gourd’. It was so strange I had to hold it by the stalk. (What if it comes to live and bites?)

I looked up a gourd recipe in my Curries recipe book. The name of this gourd might have influenced the decision a little bit. It suggested making a dhal. I wasn’t too keen on having to go out and buy split peas, though. Also, a day before cooking this Indian bitter gourd, we ate at a Chinese place where they offered bitter gourd omelette… So the idea of a curried omelette came to being.

Bitter was the verdict — much more bitter than the other variety, which works for us, anyway!

I’m not sure what made me shave off the spikes. Would you have done that, too?


4 thoughts on “Vegetable Query: Indian Bitter Gourd

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