‘Week 22 in the US’ was spent recovering from a week in Costa Rica, in New Jersey’s summer heat. The butterflies and fireflies seem to enjoy the heat. (I *heart* fireflies, or lightning bugs, whichever you call it.)

Fluffy and Pickle are not appreciating the heat, though. No mood for toys, Fluffy would rather lick his toes.

As with my latest ’13 Things for 2013′ update: no sewing boot camp + needing bigger clothes + using fabric stash + “too hot to do anything” = a very sew-y week.

We’ll talk about these dresses, soon.
How’s your July coming along?


5 thoughts on “US Diary 22: The One Which Fluffy Would Rather Lick His Toes

  1. Wow so much progress with sewing in just a few days! I like them both. I read on facebook that you bought a mannequin, yay! Now you can put the polka dot dress on it — I'm curious to see how it looks when filled in. :)

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