Yes, Maybe, Not Really, or No, thus far.

  • Do a photography course. Maybe. Just signed up for workshop in August, this morning.
  • Do a sewing course. No. The sewing studio’s boot-camps cancelled twice. Received my refund. It’s back to the slow pace of learning by myself.
  • Do a form of exercise. Yes. Only when not travelling.
  • Bake a bread a month. Yes. Missed June, though.
  • Conquer my fear of NYC Subway. No.
  • Re-learn to drive. Not Really. All necessary short-distance routes have been familiarised; nothing new to add.
  • Revamp my Etsy store. Not Really.
  • Go to the cinema. Yes.
  • Go for a musical. Maybe. Hopefully with the few friends that promise to come visit us and NYC, so we can hit Broadway.
  • Meet other Etsy crafters. Not Really. Missed out on the NJ Etsy Craft Party in June.
  • Finish my fabric stash: Maybe. I’m just really really slow at sewing.
  • Downsize wardrobe to 100 pieces of clothing. Yes. Interesting how I’ve put on inches in these months — not really by choice that I can’t keep the skinny pants/trousers that no longer fit. 
  • Live with less. Maybe. Save for the occasional token souvenir from travelling. I find kitchen wares irresistible, and some books. And, I now have to buy or make bigger clothes.
How about you?

4 thoughts on “13 Things for 2013 – June / July Update

  1. Loved the update, Juanita :)
    I think that one of the nice things about setting goals is that you can work at them, and even without achieving perfection, you still feel you're growing… and that's a nice feeling :)

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