+ How about this Great Blue Heron? Photographed with my phone on May 22nd in Week 16.

+ Week 16 saw the return of The Hubs after a week in Brunei.

+ I spent the rest of the week uneventfully on the computer. Maybe not as uneventful as I make it sound — I put forth the idea of a collaborative effort with you, and I may have found the answer with the ‘Friendly Feature’ series that is now in the works. Thank you all, for your cooperation and support.

+ There was a teeny, tiny bit of sewing too, but I won’t beat myself up for not seeing to my goal of last week. (That is, to sew a dress.)

+ Oh, I did go for a little hike nearby with Cathy, to the Mountain Lakes Park.


5 thoughts on “US Diary 16: Home Spell

  1. Staying at home is the best activity! :D
    Did you find anyone that wanted to collaborate with you? I would have, but I'm just too busy with classes :(

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