Trees and I, we:

– met outside the Penn Station in a Monday morning;
– went to Paris Baguette in Korea Way;
– walked the blocks of Fashion / Garment District, after a long detour;

– were not too impressed by the prices in the fabric stores;
– avoided the Subway;

– walked the blocks to the Museum of Modern Art, after a long detour;
– saw (non-)performing guinea pigs – that remained completely still! – and cats and a dog;
– had tea at Bryant Park;
– walked through crazy town back to Penn Station again!
Thanks, Teresa, for the fun day in my 14th week in the US. I’m happy to have been a small part of your big American holiday.
P.S. I went home with a 5-yard cotton fabric for $10, and 2 2-yard acetate-polyester fabrics to serve as lining practice. That was a surprisingly small haul.

5 thoughts on “US Diary 14: Fashion District with Trees

  1. I was impressed by the kitties, dog and guinea pigs… they look like they're used to that kind of life (very unusual for a kitty!), and not scared at all… I hope the people keep them lovingly.
    You had a lovely day with your friend, Juanita! :)

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