May.06.13 MoMA May.06.13 MoMA May.06.13 MoMA

It turns out that MoMA is my first museum visit in New York City. Entering the museum was a casual affair — we were allowed to have on us our bags, cell phones, and cameras. I thought that was refreshing.

After an almost two-hour visit, in a 6-storey building, I left the museum concluding that modern art is not for everyone. It’s how you interpret things, isn’t it?
I really loved the 1930’s and post-war photography by Bill Brandt, in the Shadow and Light exhibit.

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3 thoughts on “MoMA – Museum of Modern Art

  1. I have yet to see the Museum of Modern Art in my country. I guess either way, I would love the modern and ancient styles. There's something about museums to that extent that I sometimes dream of working there ;)

    You said in my blog that you love waffles in Singapore. This made me remember a breakfast store I love there. Have you encountered Kaya Toast in Vivo City? It makes me want to go back to SG :)

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