Apr.13.13 NJ - NC

Week 11 gave us the opportunity for our first road trip.

Apr.13.13: Day 1 (out of 4) saw us driving 533 miles in 10.5 hours, owing to a few snack / coffee / toilet breaks since we weren’t in a hurry; we slowly made our way south to North Carolina.

Before leaving home, we made no bookings or concrete plans — just installed a few good phone apps, contacted the cat-sitter, and off we went. (Spontaneity defies every shred of The Hubs’ being.)

While speeding along the highway, one is spoiled for choice when it comes to fast food. We haven’t had KFC in years, so why not… I enjoyed the falling-off-the-bone chicken (original recipe, definitely) and too-good-to-be-true coleslaw. How about that cornbread biscuit?

Apr.13.13 (5)

We made it to Raleigh by dinner time, and I checked us into a motel* using the phone app, Hotwire. What a convenient app! For dinner, guided by our GPS, we made our way to a sushi place nearby.

Apr.13.13 (6)
These beautiful special rolls were BOGO (buy one get one free) at Shabu Shabu restaurant in Raleigh, NC. We like it in North Carolina already.

Apr.14.13: Day 2 let me witness what serious business the model flying hobby is, and what we could be upgrading to in the future. (Think: toys for old boys, step-vans, and mobile man-caves…)
Apr.14.13 @ Whitfield Farm Airport, R/C Club Apr.14.13 @ Whitfield Farm Airport, R/C Club

As we didn’t meet our Raleigh friends the night before, we managed to catch up with them in a special trip to the Sarah P. Duke Gardens, that Sunday afternoon. The Duke Gardens was evidently the gem of Durham.
Apr.14.13 (4) @ Duke Gardens, Durham NC

And the trip to the south wouldn’t be complete without a slice of a key lime pie!
Because we're in the south. Key lime pie. Apr.14.13
It tasted as wicked as it looks.

We ended the night at our host family’s (it is a work trip) where they treated us to a ginormous home-cooked Indian vegetarian spread. I ate so much that it hurt to sleep.

*Extended Stay


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