Cooking Club: June 2013


June was a non-cooking month of epic proportions; a large part of the month was spent gorging myself silly with hotel breakfast buffets and being stuffed to the brim with even larger dinners. In the “down time” between travels, while at home, I was making very adult choices of chips and soda for lunch and dinner, or simply baking frozen pre-cooked meals. I blame that on travel fatigue.

Since we’re all foodies here, below are the highlights from my non-cooking month of June, in descending chronology:

Conference ‘banquet’, which was a serviced buffet, Costa Rica
Casado with Chicken entree, San Jose, Costa Rica
Hotel breakfast, San Jose, Costa Rica
Giant seafood soup in a Japanese restaurant in San Jose, Costa Rica
Lunch in Sakura, San Jose, Costa Rica
Egli Knusperli, Maur, Zürich
Half-lobster salad, Edinburgh
Sticky toffee pudding, Edinburgh
Sole in Edinburgh
Hotel breakfast, Edinburgh
All-you-can-eat round 2, Masa Sushi, Princeton NJ

5 thoughts on “Cooking Club: June 2013

  1. No cooking, but girl, what an awesome month of travels and eating! (Totally agree with the greatness of Times Square being closed off to cars. I was inspired walking along the Highline also).x

  2. Yummers! You can afford to be lazy/fatigued once in a while, it's perfectly fine. I enjoyed looking at all your food pictures, hehe. :D

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