Edinburgh, UK


Jun 08, 2013┬áSaturday — Friendly taxi driver — Room with a view of the Edinburgh Castle — Me-made leather bag’s first outing is across the Atlantic — Beautiful morning — 40 minutes in line to get tickets into the Castle — Dandelion ale — buskers — Tartan overload — Bagpipe overload — Ice-cream to accompany music — Bagpipe gone punk rock — “What just happened?” — Jet-laggy nap — Late but beautiful fishy dinner.

9 thoughts on “Edinburgh, UK

  1. Wow -you caught a really sunny day there! I think I've only seen that a handful of times and I've been going there for ages…lucky ducks! Looks so nice! xxx

  2. I love Edinburgh, how lucky you were to visit there, your lovely photos immediately transplanted back there! I'm glad you found some Queen Ann's lace on your walk to Arthur's seat, the views from there are good.
    Sarah x

  3. So I have been now on your blog for at least an hour. I have had so much fun getting to know you and your world. Thanks for sharing so much. You make me wanna backpack the world.

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