The Man Cave Sign



I returned home one evening to discover that our landlady had passed me a piece of scrap wood, to see if I could get crafty with it. When I held it, wood burning came to mind immediately.

The smell of solder-iron-burnt wood sent me back to the distant memory of this short-lived hobby I once shared with my sister: creating silly cat images on small pieces of wood, coloring them in with paint, and simply avoiding schoolwork.


 Welcome to The Man Cave.

Officially the Man Cave. May.08.13

Cats are welcome, too.


Of course I could have just taken a marker to write on it, but what fun would that be? :D

4 thoughts on “The Man Cave Sign

  1. I love it!! I think burning the words was a good choice. It will now last forever! I hope you take it with you :)

  2. Lovely!!! Is the “man cave” your hubby's workroom? LOL ;D
    I'd love to try wood burning too (one of the many techniques I'd love to try out, haha!), of course I'd love to apply it to tiny pieces of jewelry… :D

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